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Food Trends 2021

As we enter Autumn 2020, I take a look a emerging Food trends 2021. COVID has had an impact on the way we source our food and eating out. With restaurants increasing take away services and home delivery. People choosing to cook at home more and then reaching for more healthy choices in supermarkets. 2020 has changed the food industry in ways no one could have forecast.

2021 will no doubt see lots of innovation and movement to embrace the shift in consumer preferences.

Piccavey Spain Blog Food Blogger

TuttoFood 2021

One of the largest exhibtion in the food industry is Tuttofood 2021 . Held in Milan, Italy this B2B event is for the entire agri-food ecosystem. A showcase for consumer trends and a place to observe market dynamics. Over three days in May 2021 the fair will be the meeting point for food industry professionals.

Here you can see first hand new innovations and fresh ideas for the future of food. I will be attending as an Ambassador of Tuttofood 2021 and keeping you updated with activities and events running up to the exhibition.

Bodegas Robles Spanish Organic Wine Montilla Moriles

Boxed Wine

Years ago boxed wine seemed to be the low quality cheap stuff. Nowdays high quality wines are using this format again. Helping with the environmental impact of shipping wine overseas and also protecting wine quality.

For years Bodegas Robles Organic Wines have been a 100% organic wine produced. Located in Cordoba province they have been actively reducing their carbon footprint year on year. One of their innovations was introducing boxed wine some years back. Wine in a box keeps better once it has been opened. It can last 4 weeks longer than bottled wine. It also makes it easier to transport and store for food businesses too. Less weight in transportation and no breakages.

Bodegas Robles offer a stylish reusable bottle that they sell with four varieties of organic boxed wine.

Canned Wine

Wine in a Can is also something that we will see increasingly in the food retail sector. Using cans to package wine is a useful format for single glass measures. As consumers look for recyclable materials wine in cans will become more popular.

Medieval Market Santa Fe Granada

Lower Carbon Footprint Foods

As consumer are more savvy about the environmental impact farming can have on ecosystems. Food such as Soya, Beef, Lamb, Chocolate, Coffee and Palm Oil are under scrutiny. These are known to have the highest carbon footprints. As trends are towards reducing consumption of red meat for health reasons as well as environment impact.

Vegan and Vegetarian foods will continue to emerge and sales will grow. As will alternatives to beef, such as pork, fish or poultry.

Negro Carbon Granada Burger

Meat Free Days

While most people won´t become totally vegan, the increase in meat free days or semi vegetarian consumers will be substantial. So restaurants and food manufacturers need to get up to speed to keep their offer relevant to these food trends.

Rather than a trend, both plant based and low carbon impact foods will become more mainstream. It´s not only a health choice, its an environment decision too. In this current environment the main players in the food industry need to be changing and adapting to address these new demands and keep up with consumers.

Zero Mile and Local Product sales will be on the increase too. People are now much better informed and want to know where their food is sourced. Transparency in the food chain is more important than ever.

Bodegas Robles Spanish Organic Wine Producers Food Trends 2021

Plastic Free

Not only is single use plastic a problem for landfill. Black coloured plastic for example can´t be recycled as the machines can´t detect black plastic. So it goes straight to landfill. (Even if it has been seperated for recycling) Plastic is present in food items that you may not expect. (bottled water, ready meals) Microplastics are clogging up the seas and even the air we breathe.

Food Trends 2021 by piccavey


Plastic Free Tea

Since discovering that many teabags are partially made from plastic (or from 100% nylon). I am always on the lookout for non bleached paper or biodegradable tea bags like Clipper. In Northern Spain the Orballo company have created a totally sustainable and organic business. They are reclaiming the land from the invasive eucalytpus plants in the region. Growing their own tea plantation and also cultivating herbs for infusions and culinary use. Their tea bags are made from Corn starch and dont have string or paper to keep resources minimal.

Alternatives to plastic will continue to be at the forefront of packaging and food distribution in 2021.

Orange blossom Tea by piccavey

Food Trends 2021 – Flavours

Unusual flavour combinations are tipped to trend in 2021. The fifth flavour ´Umami´and Oud flavours will be appearing in newly launched products. Umami is trending because this flavour profile can replace salt at a time when high salt content is out of favour. Although salt adds flavour to food, umami combinations bring more full bodied taste as well as flavour.

Oud brings balsamic and woody flavours to the palate. Making a perfect option for meat free dishes and recipes.

Rose Oud Patio de los Perfumes Food Trends 2021

The Rise of Rum

Although alcohol free and low alcohol drinks will continue to grow into 2021. The are other upcoming tendencies that cant be ignored. The rise in Rum sales has grown in 2020 and is thought to continue into 2021. Gin has been the on trend tipple for some time but growth is steadying. New tendencies such as spiced rum are coming to the fore. Premium Rum also has plenty of potential and is relatively unknown product to the general consumer.

In Southern Spain Ron Montero have been producing Rum since 1963. One of their premium varieties is aged for 50 years in American oak barrels and is limited to a production of 7000 bottles.

Ron Montero Spanish Rum in Motril

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