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We got engaged and married in Atlanta, bought a house, and adopted two orange tabbies. Jacob was born and raised in Atlanta, and I had lived there since high school.

Everything looked like we were going to live a traditional life with the 2.5 kids working 9-5 jobs. But then, we moved cross country, started a travel blog, moved to 5 different cities each year following that, traveled to 6 continents, and faced many fears together while trying something new.

If I’m being honest, those were only the highlights. We had so many low points in our relationship too, some of which felt like our marriage was completely falling apart. We both carried our fair share of emotional baggage into the relationship, but I’ll admit I liked to hoard mine.

After ten years, we don’t know if we’ve dealt with the worst of it, but we still believe the best is yet to come as we work together. It will take a lifetime to work through every problem, but we’re each others’ best friends. Though it may not be rainbows and unicorns all the time, I can’t imagine life without my best friend.

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